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AkzoNobel History book

The history of AkzoNobel since 1646

history book

A book chronicling the history of AkzoNobel has been published following more than two years of editorial planning and research.

Tracing the company¹s origins all the way back to 1646, the 280-page publication is the first ever general history of AkzoNobel to be written.

Originally due to be published in 2007, the book was delayed after the company announced its intended acquisition of ICI, as it added a whole new timeline.

The title reflects the fact that every event in our rich history has been leading us to where we are now. So while we want to pause and reflect on how we got here, we also want to look forward to the future and where we are going.

The book is also a tribute to everyone who has worked for AkzoNobel, and to the numerous companies that are part of our heritage.

Structured in such a way that it offers a history of histories, the book chronicles the company¹s four main legacies Akzo, Nobel, Courtaulds and ICI. It covers a period of more than 350 years, right up to AkzoNobel¹s acquisition of ICI in early 2008 and the subsequent rebranding.

Dutch copies of the book are available in selected book stores in the Netherlands. English copies of the book are not available for general distribution. However, special requests will be considered and should be sent to: