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Buildings and Infrastructure

Related brands and products

Some of our key brands and products in this segment can be found below.

A more complete overview of the brands we have in our portfolio can be found here.


Dulux is our best-known paint brand, available in more countries than any other. We make paint in 26 countries on three continents: Europe, Latin America and Asia. Our headquarters are in Slough, in the UK.

Visit the Dulux website
AkzoNobel is the world's largest manufacturer of powder coatings. These solvent-free paints help protect everything from metal furniture to window frames, radiators, pipes and cars.

Visit the Interpon website

With our International brand, we seek to deliver proven and premium product performance, value for money and environmentally responsible solutions to satisfy our customers' needs in all segments of asset protection.

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Painting and protecting metalwork is never an easy job. There’s the constant threat from humidity, rain and, eventually, rust. Which is why we’ve developed Hammerite – designed to keep rust at bay and surfaces fully protected.

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Calm or happy? Warm or creative? Color doesn’t just make a building or room look good. It can add personality and mood, too. At Sikkens we love what color can do – and we try to capture that in every paint we make.

Visit the Sikkens website
Devoe CoatingsBeing one of the oldest brands in the North American paint and coatings market, the Devoe® High Performance Coatings provide the highest quality in corrosion protection to surfaces in harsh and demanding environments worldwide. 

Visit the Devoe High Performance Coatings website


TRINAR® is our finest exterior metal building finish, ideal for the monumental project as well as any residential or low rise project that requires lasting durability and beauty. TRINAR® is remarkable resistant to exterior weathering, fading, color change, cracking and chalking.

Visit the TRINAR® website